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THE COASTER CREW is a nationwide group of over 1000 roller coaster enthusiasts that come together as friends to enjoy coasters.

We offer special events at many parks throughout the United States and Canada, which allow our group to have Exclusive Ride Time (ERT), question and answer sessions with the parks, and other exciting perks.

Membership in the Crew and access to our events costs as little as $10 per year. We also offer fansites for many parks and discussion forums where both our members and non-members may get involved.

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Hear our podcast live

Every Monday from 5:30-6:30 PM EST (US), tune into the amusement industry's leading podcast, In the Loop. You may listen online when we are live.

We started In the Loop in 2004. Over 250 archived shows are at and on our free iTunes podcast.

Uniting park fans across North America

Our fansites for 8 parks and counting across North America are a free resource we offer, with in-depth writeups about the parks' rides, history, and visit tips.


Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Williamsburg, Virginia

Kings Dominion
Doswell, Virginia


Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


Cedar Point
Sandusky, Ohio

Kings Island
Mason, Ohio